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                Perama is a privately held company based in Bandýrma Industrial Zone,
        engaged in the production and distribution of fresh and frozen seafood products.
        Headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, one of the nation's largest seafood ports,
        PERAMA is an integrated processor, packager, exporter and distributer of fresh,
        marinated and frozen fishes, shrimps, baby clams (Venus Gallina - Vongole),
        scampies, top shell meats (Rapana Thomasiana), to the food services, whosalers
        and retailers.

                Perama employs regional sales representatives and buying agencies whose
         operations cover the northeastern, southern, central and western regions                         
         of Turkey, its seafood processing is performed at the Bandýrma plant. 
         The executive and administrative functions as well as the export and import 
         operations are carried out at the Istanbul headquarter.

                Beginning in 2003, the Company's seafood processing facilities underwent
         significant improvements and modernizations to maintain the company's status
         as a low cost producer and to comply with Hazar Analysis Critical Control Point
         (HACCP) standards. The company's state-of-the-art processing facility includes 
         frozen rooms and cold storage rooms which are supported by modern liquid 
         nitrogen freezing machinery.

                With a management team that has over 30 years of experience in the seafood
         processing and broker business together, PERAMA believes in its own products and
         its ability to grow your business. With its high quality and hygienic products and 
         prompt delivery system, PERAMA will surely contribute to the growth of your